About Us

We  create  epic  adventures  that  tickles  your  brain  and  melts  your  heart
To us, games are much more than something you play.

We think of games as tiny universes where anything is possible – Places for our imagination to roam freely and where our craziest dreams are made playable. Our ambition is to create unique experiences that makes you think, smile and sometimes even meet an Exploding Cow.

We are passionate about making games that oozes with charm and personality and our goal is to set the bar higher for original, great quality mobile games.

Jacob Sloth Laursen

Co-Founder / Technical Director / Game Programmer

As a kid I played a lot. Not digital games, but with Lego, toy weapons, and crawling in the trees in the garden. However, when I first got hold of my own computer I played computer games all day long, not going out much and not really getting enough exercise. As an adult, the part with exercise and going out have changed to the better. But I still play a lot in every sense I can in that adult-childish way, never growing up.

I have a M.Sc. in Medialogy with specialization in technology from 2011. As a medialogy student, you get to explore many cool new technologies while trying to incorporate them into user friendly products. Now I'm on a road of programming and developing apps and games for mobile devices. Fortunately, I am not that hard-core-nerd programmer that is unable to communicate with anything else than a text editor. Therefore I love exploring many aspects of game development, from game mechanics, to game design, to business models.

Dennis Nielsen

Co-Founder / Creative Director / Game Designer

I have always had a strong urge to be creative, making things out of clay or paper and drawing stuff. I have drawn for as long as I can remember - silly characters, comic strips and of course, levels for imaginary video games.

I have worked 10 years as a game reviewer from the early 2000’s and forth, developing a strong sense of what makes a game truly special, with the PS1 and PS2 still being my favorite gaming consoles of all time.
In 2014 I graduated from The National Film School of Denmark as a Game Director. I learned how to lead a game production, work with voice actors, create interactive stories, and take a game from its early concept phase to a finished full blown video game.

Today I still use my drawing skills, not only for designing levels, but also to visualize ideas and stories. I find my inspiration in larger-than-life books and films, games from the past and good ol’ mother nature – I am deeply fascinated by ridiculous animal behavior.